Eating Animals

Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer is an excellent read for people who love animals.  This National Bestseller challenges the notion that animals are ours to “farm” and eat.  This easy read sets the stage for what is the philosophy of being vegan.  The essence of this book is its plain language in considering the lives of farmers, factory farm workers, animals and the reader who is the ultimate arbiter of good taste and the future of food production on our planet.

A Must Read Book
Eating Animals is a must read book for people who love people, animals, or the environment.

As a 20+ year vegan I was pleased to learn the compassionate manner in which the author approached his decision to go vegetarian.  He thoroughly examines our relationship with animals (A cow is a pig is a dog) as well as our relationship with people who work in the food production industry.  Compassion is the key as we educate ourselves about where our food comes from and what impact it has on our health, the planet and the animals.

If you give this book as a gift you may find that the recipients may not want to open it as it challenges many of the thoughts people have about eating animals.  Readers will first be confronted with the notion that eating fish and seafood is somehow healthier or better for the planet.  Foer looks at the impact not eating red meat (cows) has on our planet and those that have to work in the pig (pork) and chicken (poultry) industries.  The system of food production on our planet is out of control and our assembly line methods are taking their toll on our planet.


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